Unistrut Memo - Kobe Steel


We are happy to report that none of the items we sell at Unistrut Hawaii is affected by the recent scandal surrounding Kobe Steel and their unreliable steel, copper and aluminum products.

Unistrut Partition Support System Options

By Brad Tom

A Unistrutengineer spotted a structural steel support structure hanging from the ceiling in an unfinished room during a site visit. Since Unistrut does a large number of support structures each year, the engineer was curious why we weren’t invited to bid this job too. Before our guy could ask, his escort chimed in, saying “I know what you are thinking—this should have been made from Unistrut.” The origins of the support structure and its limitations are instructive, so we decided to share the story.

In this project,the structural engineer designed an overhead support system for a folding partition. Because the engineer was well-versed in welded supports, he specified structural c-channel to create a flat surface from which to hang the partition.