In-Plant Offices

Maximize usable space with modular mezzanine and in-plant office structures that shorten construction time over traditional building methods.

In-Plant Modular Offices

Easy Reconfiguration

Our in-plant modular offices feature universal components that let you quickly relocate and reconfigure your office space with ease.

Get Customized Finishes

Featuring a great selection of colors and textures, it is easy to customize your in-plant modular office. You can also choose from a variety of steel facings and other durable wall surfaces.

The Best Results

Our superb manufacturing staff and quality materials meet or exceed industry requirements, including restrictive sound, fire, and insulation conditions.

The In-Plant Modular Office Designed to Enhance Your Experience

  • 5/8" type "X" gypsum are present on both sides of the wall panels. This provides superior strength, fire, and noise protection
  • Our modular in-plant offices come with structural steel columns that are designed with safer anchored and bolted connections for roof beams
  • End wall steel supports for two story and storage roof designs
  • No exposed steel roof support beams like our rivals have
  • WirePak: modular wiring system for lights, switches, and outlets (not partially wired like our rivals)
  • The Gripper: patented steel wall connection that tightly seals out noise, dust, and temperatures
  • Full 3" or thicker walls (no flimsy thin walls)
  • Galvanized steel wall components finished with baked-on acrylic enamel paint

You can only find quality materials in our products. Each reusable piece is interchangeable between units. The steel design shown is used on storage roofs and two-story office structures.

modular office 2 story.jpg
modular office in 4.jpg
modular office overhead storage.jpg


If you require an environment to safely store products or operate equipment at a certain temperature or setting, we have the perfect solution for you. We offer custom modular environmental enclosures. Store everything from dry and moist products to testing products in one of our environmental rooms. These rooms are designed for easy customization. Even if you end up having to reconfigure your work space in the future, our environmental rooms can be redesigned due to their universal pieces.

enclosure dust room.jpg
enclosure powder coat.jpg
enclosure windows.jpg

Clean Rooms

Clean Room partitioning systems help customers maintain a clean or sterile work environment. Keeping an uncontaminated environment may be pertinent to certain applications, such as lab work and pharmaceutical packaging. With our clean room partitions, you will be able to tweak or rearrange your room any way you desire. You also have the ability to move or relocate your room.

clean room 1.jpg
clean room 2.jpg
clean room 3.jpg

Warehouse Walls

Break up work spaces into sections at an affordable price. At National Partitions, we offer industrial and warehouse partitioning systems that allow you to separate parts of your working area. Choosing to install prefab industrial walls is both quick and cost effective, especially when compared to traditional construction methods. These prefabricated walls can be easily rearranged or moved, giving you plenty of options, even after they are installed. Creating more space or divisions in your warehouse has never been this easy.

walls 1.jpg
walls 2.jpg
walls 3.jpg

Booths & Shelters

These durable shelters not only keep important equipment safe from wind, rain, snow, and other forces of nature, they also provide a comfortable resting area for personnel. Our prefab guard booths and equipment shelters are easy to configure to accommodate your desired work area. All of our products can be customized to meet all industry conditions.





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