HPD Firing Range

HPD Firing Range


The support system created attachment points designed to to support 19 psf with an 8' beam. The intermediate support system would create attachment points for the baffles and other system components every 4'-0" while attaching only to the panel points of the building's roof joists. The roof joists were located every 8'-0" and the panel points were spaced at 9'-0" along the joists. The intermediate support system needed to be designed to carry 19 psf with abeam span of 8'-0".


Unistrut beam clamps & fittings maintain structural integrity with no custom fabrication required. Unistrut P5501 was used as the upper rail running under the entire length of each roof joist's bottom chord. The P5501 was attached to the joist at every 9'-0" with one 1/2" rod on either side of each panel point. Where existing utilities did not allow the rod attachment, standard Unistrut beam clamps and fittings were used to create an alternate method of attachment to the roofjoists while maintaing structural integrity. No custom fabrication was required. The finish rail, Unistrut P1001, was spaced every 4'-0" along the P5501 to accommodate the attachment of the baffles.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

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