Cable Strut Hangers

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Cable Strut Hangers

Create secure, overhead spans by running high strength cable between two fixed points. Ideal for applications where no direct vertical anchor point is available. The Gripple C-Clip, an innovative twist-on/ off device, allows you to suspend from anywhere along the horizontal span.

• Visually discreet and lightweight
• Allows for suspension of services exactly where needed
• No tools needed to install
• Available in 1/8" and 1/4" cable diameters, for suspensions up to 220 lbs per span
• C-Clip End Fixing allows for horizontal and vertical adjustment
• C-Clip Cams lock solidly in place, even at angles up to 60°
Cable Strut supplied as ready-to-use kits, including galvanized cable cut to length, two fasteners, and a Release Key. (C-Clip Hangers sold separately)

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Unistrut metal framing channel, fasteners and hardware are the materials of choice for OEMs, contractors and plant maintenance personnel. Download the catalog to learn more.