Pre-Engineered Mezzanines

Create More Space

Steel mezzanines are an efficient and economical method of adding additional space without expanding your original structure or investing in property. Mezzanines can take an overhead area that is unused and unproductive and transform it into valuable floor space for offices, storage, break areas, and other functions. The number of options are endless, from adding a single floor to up to four floors easily and conveniently without disrupting your operation or your staff.

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Steel Mezzanines are extremely durable and stable

These FCP Free-Space Mezzanines are engineered to last under all conditions. The superior strength, stability, and tight construction of steel mezzanines guarantees they will meet your demanding requirements for quality and performance. In a minimal amount of time, the easy to install modular designs can be bolted together, erected, and put in place. With little inconvenience to you, the floor space of your facility will be instantly doubled or tripled, increasing and improving your productivity and efficiency.

In many cases, companies perceive industrial mezzanines as extra storage space for equipment, stock, and materials that have lost their usefulness. The rigid frame design of our high-quality mezzanines presents options far beyond simple storage. They are perfect for metal buildings, conveyor support, equipment platforms, in-plant offices, manufacturing activities, walkways, or stair towers. Anything that you can support above floor level can easily be relocated to a mezzanine.

Industrial Mezzanine Design

Our highly trained professional staff is ready to create the right structure, design, and configuration that will perfect match your requirements and needs. FCP has invested its years of experience, expertise, and industry leading skills into developing lightweight, high-tensile materials for installation of new structures over your existing equipment or stored items with a minimum of support columns maximizing the floor space under the mezzanine.

We have worked rigorously to ensure our designs comply with all building codes: UBC, CBC and IBC as well as meeting the specifications required for seismically active zones.

Mezzanine Codes & Specs

To save space and avoid creating unnecessary obstructions, FCP Free-Space Mezzanines™ use structural square tube columns for superior rigidity and tensile strength. Each component is precision designed for ease of installation and quick assembly. High-tensile strength steel framing and seated beam connectors allow for longer spans but provide the necessary endurance to withstand a Seismic Zone 4 event. FCP Free-Space Mezzanines™ have been tested and rated to meet the requirements necessary for seismic occurrences. All FCP Free-Space Mezzanines™ follow the guidelines of the applicable code agencies ANSI, AISC, ASCE, UBC, CBC, BOCA, SBC, ADA and OSHA.

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