Fleenor Paper & Packaging

When Fleenor Paper & Packaging needed to add storage space to their warehouse, they decided on creating a mezzanine for a section of their new warehouse. With available space at a premium, it was necessary to create more floor space to provide for current and future needs. A modular mezzanine was an economical solution compared to other construction options. Making use of the airspace above the office and restroom doorways, the customer created additional storage space with minimal investment. Creating a mezzanine above entryways and exits allows for unimpeded access to offices and restrooms. The new mezzanine allows the customer to have a usable storage space by increasing the storage floorspace by several hundred square feet. By adding a staircase, railings and a gate, the mezzanine is accessible by walking up the stairs or by forklift to load pallets.

The steel mezzanine is efficient and economical to install because it was premanufactured to specifications by our team. The modular design means that it can be placed and bolted together by the Unistrut Hawaii team efficiently, bring the construction time down.Additionally, the structure can be disassembled and moved as location or space requirements change.

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

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