Mezzanine solution for industrial warehouse

Project Focus – Mezzanine Solution for Industrial Warehouse

A local medical equipment supplier in business for over 40 years specializes in various acute, post-acute and homecare medical devices geared toward safe patient handling, training and consulting.

Client Challenge

Outgrowing their original location, the company acquired a second warehouse to accommodate the ever-increasing demand for storage. Rack shelving would limit storage capability and logistical inefficiency in handling their growing demands. The client was looking for a cost-effective way to expand storage capacity while maintaining operational economy.

Unistrut Hawaii Solution

An FCP Free Space Mezzanine with the exclusive FCP ConnectRite cold-formed steel connection system provided a solution to meet the client’s criteria. The first moment-resistant, bi-directional mezzanine system, FCP Free Space Mezzanines allow for maximum load capacity and open floor space while meeting stringent seismic requirements. Column spacing makes efficient use of space underneath the mezzanine while offering hefty load capacity for storage on top. The client was able to store their rental bed inventory on the warehouse floor and relocate shelved stock to be stored above.

The FCP Free Space Mezzanine solution offered the client a quick and ready solution for additional square footage without acquiring more real estate and avoiding added costs and operational disruptions associated with moving into larger facilities.


By Brad Tom

Marketing Coordinator


Wednesday, May 22, 2024

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