At Gripple we realize you don’t always have a suitable place to suspend from. Frequently, it’s impossible to hang straight from a purlin or drill directly into the soffit, but the new Gripple Cable Strut System allows you to overcome such bothersome obstacles as hard to reach areas and dense materials.

With our Lockable Gripples, a horizontal cable is anchored at each end with ease, creating multiple points of suspension along the length of the span. And now, radically transforming the way you think about cable, our new C-Clip is a snap-on device which allows you to suspend services from the cable at any angle up to 60 degrees from horizontal. It removes the need for tools and allows complete control of both vertical and horizontal positioning, saving time and effort on installation.

By removing the bulk of excess material, Cable Strut is substantially lighter than metal bracketry, resulting in a significant reduction of the vertical loads imposed on a given structure. Not only does the Gripple method save on material costs when compared to rods, struts and brackets, Cable Strut solutions are also a marked improvement from a health and safety standpoint too, reducing the risk of injury from cutting and lifting.

Suspended substantially faster and adjusted considerably easier, Cable Strut can be used to hang all manner of industrial services – HVAC, lighting, bundled cables, signage, etc – in places that would otherwise be impossible. Creating opportunities where there seem to be none, Gripple maximizes your potential with minimum effort.

Note: Cable Strut systems must always be fitted by trained, competent professionals, as high lateral loads can be imposed on fixings or the structure of the building itself.