M&E services are essential to every modern construction, delivering gas, water, electricity and illumination across vast networks of cables and piping. To suspend this lattice-work of services you need a strong, reliable and straightforward solution that’s installed with ease and instils you with confidence; something to hold the framework together and keep the building alive. The multipurpose Gripple hanger is the optimum choice for the job.

Our proven system is in use in countless industrial buildings, distribution centres, schools, hospitals and warehouses the world over, suspending the most vital of services – everything from cable trays to luminaries; drainage pipes to ceiling panels; safety lines to heaters.

The Gripple Hanger Range is replete with hangers of every size; each carefully developed to suspend mechanical and electrical services of varying weight and type. Complete with a length of ready-cut cable with a wide variety of pre-swaged End Fixings, our custom kits provide everything you require and are suitable for all substrates.

Without the need for excessive preparation and additional tools, the savings on time and labour costs speak for themselves; and yet for all its calculated simplicity our system loses nothing in strength or stability. Cleaner, sleeker and more pleasant to look at, Gripple is the faster, easier alternative to the suspension systems of old - where we’re going, we don’t need rods.