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  • Unistrut fittings, unless noted, are made from hot-rolled, pickled and oiled steel plates, strip or coil, and conform to ASTM specifications A575, A576, A635, or A36. The fitting steel also meets the physical requirements of ASTM A1011 SS GR 33. The pickling of the steel produces a smooth surface free from scale.
  • Maple cable saddles, cable clamps and bus bar clamps are made from kiln-dry maple treated with paraffin to a depth of 1/16" (1.6mm). Special sizes of clamps can be fabricated upon request. Porcelain cable clamps are made by the dry process and white glazed. Cable saddles are fiberglass-reinforced polyester.

Channel Raceways:

  • The Unistrut Metal Framing System includes an exclusive combination of channel, fittings and hardware listed under new UL classification 5B. This classification covers strut-type channel raceways and fittings for use in accordance with Article 384 of the National Electrical Code, NFPA 70. Included are metal strut-type channel raceways at least .071 inch (1.81mm) thick and metal or non-metal closure strips at least .040 inch (1.02mm) thick.
  • The Unistrut system requires no welding, drilling or other complex fabrication techniques. This means faster, easier solutions for virtually any electrical support problem.
  • Unistrut channel offers structural and spanning capabilities not available with conventional surface raceway products and is available in continuous lengths of up to 20 feet. Just as important, it is part of an integrated system that can be used for raceways, trapeze hangers, cable-tray supports, lighting grids, fluorescent-fixture supports and countless other electrical applications.

Channel Compatability:

  • All of the electrical components in this section are intended for use with any of the 1-5/8" wide channel. They are not intended for use with 1-1/4" or 13/16" framing systems.


  • Imperial dimensions are illustrated in inches. Metric dimensions are shown in parenthesis or as noted. Unless noted, all metric dimensions are in millimeters.

Design Load:

  • Design load data, where shown, is based on the ultimate strength of the connection with a safety factor of 2.5, unless otherwise noted.


Note: Many Unistrut Metal Framing components, when used with appropriate closures, are UL® listed, and CSA approved.