The brutal forces exerted on buildings during earthquakes cannot be stopped – they can, however, be dealt with in a manner that reduces danger and keeps damage to a minimum. Seismic bracing reacts to these unwanted forces and keeps buildings and their services stable and safe.

Standard supports for vertical loads are designed with gravity in mind, but do not account for the horizontal forces caused by shifting tectonic plates. Gripple Seismic Bracing Kits however have been developed with exactly that in mind. Each kit includes all the hardware needed to restrain suspended services in the event of a major disaster, and is appropriate for piping, ductwork, cable trays, suspended ceilings and other such ‘at risk’ equipment.

Independently tested in earthquake simulators, our kits are not only more secure than old-fashioned cable systems, but require no swaging on site. Our seismic kits are color-coded for ease of identification once installed, and are available with a range of End Fixings and Accessories. Forever seeking out the latest and best advances, Gripple brings you a 21st century solution to an age-old problem; we’ll help you keep the destructive forces of nature at bay.