M2506 thru M2523 - Square Nut (1-5/8" Series)

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Square Nut for M24


  • Cold-formed inserts are manufactured from standard 12 gauge (2.7 mm) Unistrut channel sections conforming to ASTM A1011 SS GR 33 or ASTM A653 GR 33, unless otherwise noted.
  • Hot-rolled inserts, as noted, are manufactured from carbon steel meeting physical requirements of ASTM A283 GR D.
  • To inhibit concrete, all inserts (except spot inserts) are provided with closure strips and end caps or foam filler, unless otherwise requested.
  • Most concrete inserts are available in stainless steel on special order. Consult factory for ordering information.


  • A wide range of heavy-duty to light-duty “continuous” and “spot” concrete inserts are available for use in pre-cast, pre-stressed or poured-in-place concrete floors, walls or ceilings.


  • Imperial dimensions are illustrated in inches. Metric dimensions are shown in parenthesis or as noted. Unless noted, all metric dimensions are in millimeters.
    Custom-designed inserts are available on special order. Consult factory for ordering information.

Design Load:

  • Design loads, where shown, are based on 3,000 PSI concrete, unless noted.

Standard Lengths:

  • Insert lengths range from 3 inches (76 mm) to 20 feet (6.10m) with a tolerance of ±1/4-inch (6.4mm).

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