National-Partition-1.jpgThe national partitions patented systems fully utilize universal components, and a non-progressive design for independent wall panel access.This design allows you to install the system from inside or outside of the building, and can include a 1-hour fire rated option.Our interchangeable post and panel connections serve multiple functions, including:

  • Providing a tight seal between connections
  • Concealing wiring for data/communication, electrical, etc.
  • Concealing structural steel so that it’s independent of walls
  • Providing a thermal break
  • Acting as a wall start section to attach to existing structures

Our systems are available in custom and extended heights of up to 40 feet. They are color coordinated so components match the walls, and can be vinyl wrapped to match vinyl-faced walls exactly. We also conceal our structural steel roof beams in the plenum for a better looking structure, which is much nicer than our rivals exposed beam design.