There is only one Unistrut Metal Framing System. It incorporates the innovative product improvements that the Unistrut research and development group has created to give you the most complete and flexible support system available. Backed by our professional team of installers and sales, Unistrut Hawaii provides customers with total-resource capability. Unistrut invented it. The one you know, the one you trust, the one you ask for by name… Unistrut, accept no substitute.

Unistrut Hawaii goes far beyond providing you with the largest inventory of strut and strut accessories in Hawaii. We offer complete application solutions, based on experience gained from hundreds of projects state wide. Since we have installed many projects in Hawaii, we know the challenges that plumbers, HVAC technicians and electricians face day to day. It’s the type of knowledgeable assistance that can help save time and money now and simplify change in the future.

Need technical help? No one knows the engineering side of the Unistrut support systems like your local Unistrut Hawaii team. If it is special fabrication, cutting or custom finishing you want, our pros will deliver for you. On all orders, we will provide quick, efficient and economical options for your project.

[1] Hex-head bolt threads easily into a spring nut, connecting fitting to channel in one quick one-hand operation.
[2] Chamfer in the nut eases starting of the bolt. Nut teeth create a strong, vise-like grip when tightened against the inturned channel edges.
[3] Channel edges and the nut's tapered grooves act as guides to provide fool-proof alignment of connection.
[4] Nut teeth create a vise-like grip, tying sides together in a strong “box” configuration, when the nut is tightened against the in-turned edges.
[5] Spring allows precision placement anywhere along channel length, then holds the nut in position while connection is completed.